email aus Namibia
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 7:55 PM

…, by now at least more than 40 girls soc players has watched the DVD.
I took it to Rehoboth, I showed at my place to my team, I showed it to some little girls in my street and even adults visiting at my place watch it.
U know what is the most touching elemnt of this film or document??
It is touching our hearts because this is us!!! It's our own enviroment – we are experiencing everything insert in this document/file.
We are moved by the purpose of this document and one can clearly see that the producers wanted women footballers and oficials and supporters to know that. The passion and love for football is the winner!!! And not where u come from and what you have!!!
Some of the senior players from Rehoboth clearly identified themselves with the players in the document. They are recognizing their own background. The coach of the Queens F.C. Leonora at a time said that she feels like crying. The reason is some of her players – who are so good footballers – are victims of their cirumstances. They stay away from training because they did not eat or the training field is too far or the parents wants them to take of kids and other domestic issues at home. Some girls are seen as lesbian by their schoolmates and neighbours because football specially in small towns like Rehoboth is regarded as a man's game.
Some girls misuse alcohol as a excuse to get away from home – they move in with their friends – drop out of school – and adopt a rebellious behaviour.
Now because these social problems, I appreciated to see a document like this to show the girls in Namibia. That “look these women” is no different from you but their love and commitment towards football has only bring them better self concept, social status, and possibly one day a bright future through women football!!

…Thank you

You inspired me through this film, because I need that boost I’m gonna dev women football in this country and take it unthinkable heights with people like you around