Ein Dokumentarfilm
von Erika Harzer

Tegucigalpa / Berlin 2004

Digital Video in Farbe, 60 Minuten

- spanische Originalfassung
- OF mit dt. Untertitel
- OF mit engl. Untertitel

© eha-media Berlin 2004


email aus Namibia
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 7:55 PM

… U know what is the most touching element of this film or document??
It is touching our hearts because this is us!!! It's our own enviroment – we are experiencing everything insert in this documental film.
We are moved by the purpose of this document and one can clearly see that the producers wanted women footballers and oficials and supporters to know that. The passion and love for football is the winner!!! And not where u come from and what you have!!! [...more]


Ein ganz besonderer Gruß an die Spielerinnen
von „Adelante Muchachas“ von einer Legende
des Fußballs: Pelé

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Originalgröße: 49 x 66 cm